A fresh addition to the realm of oracle card reading

A fresh addition to the realm of oracle card reading

As an intuitive counselor, I've conducted countless readings over the years.  In my personal arsenal are many wonderful tarot and oracle decks that I've used as tools to connect with and deliver messages from the spiritual realm.  

However, for a while I noticed that something was missing.  I couldn't place my finger on it at first, but eventually figured out what it was.  One quiet, relaxing afternoon I looked through my inventory of tarot and oracle decks. I paid close attention to the details in the artwork and then matched against the description in the guidebooks. While the artwork on the cards are beautiful and intricate, they don't reflect the messages of real-life modern day experiences.  In simple terms, unrealistic.

On the other hand, some decks did display contemporary imagery...but told the same predictable stories over and over.  Of course I wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty and discuss common topics I would encounter in a client's reading.  And I did so.  One afternoon while I had a little free time, I grabbed a notebook and pen and began organizing and listing certain topics of discussion.  That's when Real Life Oracle was born!

When intuition and spirit detect complex issues such as discrimination and child abuse in a reading, these matters aren't easily identifiable when the artwork is "pretty".  I thought, how do we as diviners comfortably tell a weeping mother that her child may be a victim? How do we tell a client that racial, or any type of discrimination may have been the reason for job loss?  How do we discuss gender-related issues?  These are real-life issues that most face on a daily basis.  It's important to open the gateway to discuss more pressing issues during a reading when a client's main concerns are romance and finances.  

To be quite frank, too many decks dance around what truly needs to be said and revealed in readings.  Based upon my experiences, people appreciate someone who is straightforward and unafraid to discuss complex everyday issues.  So I designed a deck; a realistic deck that everyone can relate to.  Ultimately, the goal is for the reader and querent to see a realistic reflection of themselves and their real life issues during a reading.  

I can honestly say the artwork of Real Life Oracle is gritty, not pretty and packs a punch.  Each card captures real emotions within the story and triggers a true emotional response from the querent.  Seeing real life circumstances and scenes depicted in images during a reading, opens opportunities for people to discuss difficult and taboo topics.  

The concept of the deck was borrowed from my favorite oracle deck: Lenormand!  I used easy to understand symbols, along with diverse images of people.  So when readers and clients see a card during a reading, they will have an idea what it means.

In summary, the Real Life Oracle deck doesn't replace the need for some to seek counseling, mental health treatment or spiritual support.

However, it is a doorway to initiate dialog and determine the proceeding steps.

If you are interested in owning this deck or are a collector, please feel free to contact me at magicalempressinc@gmail.com or sacralhealinggarden@gmail.com


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