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Afro-Caribbean Crystal Goddess Oracle Deck

Afro-Caribbean Crystal Goddess Oracle Deck

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Afro-Caribbean Crystal Goddess Deck is one of my best creations to date. This divination system uses beautiful imagery and messages that convey circumstances occurring in everyday life. The deck contains images of the female deities represented in the diasporic practices of Palo Mayombe, Lucumi/Santeria, 21 Divisions, and Haitian Vodoun and their corresponding crystals.

This oracle deck however does not determine if you have a specific Orisha, Lwa, or Mpungo governing your head or guiding your destiny. For these circumstances, you will need to consult with a priest or priestess of these practices.

This is a 36-card deck with a separate E-Book for purchase. 

The batch of decks will be available in late September.  You can pre-order yours here!

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