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Rootwork (by divination only)

Rootwork (by divination only)

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Do not purchase this product if you have not had a divination/reading.  

Personalized services tailored specifically to your needs.  Protective amulet is a small accessory the is either worn around your neck or somewhere on your person.  It is designed to ward off malicious attacks, accidents and negative energies.  These amulets are made from various types of materials, at times it can be one item that has been "fixed" with herbs, powders, etc.  Before purchasing this product - you MUST have a divination so that the items needed can be determined.  Please allow 21-30 days from purchase for mailing.  Items such as plants, sticks, feathers, etc. may need to be ordered.  An In-person cleansing is a ceremony that will help you release or change something within yourself. Every cleansing is customized and based on prior divination.  A spiritual bath is normally included or can be separate depending on individual and spiritual needs. 

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