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The Grail Necklace

The Grail Necklace

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This simple, but very powerful necklace is composed of pure White Azeztulite and A+++ Museum Grade Moldavite.  Wearing it is said to resonate one's energies with the currents of the heart, the Sovereign Seat of the Holy Grail.  Moldavite has long been compared to the fabled Stone of the Holy Grail, said to have been an Emerald that fell from the sky.  Azeztulite is linked to the legendary Philospher's Stone a common looking white rock that would go unnoticed by those who are unaware but treasured by those who are wise.  Both are believed to convey spiritual gifts of healing, grace, spiritual transformation and enlightment.

Those who have been following my content and social media, know that that I make a ritual oil similar to the ingredients in the Grail necklace.  The ritual oil is called The Holy Grail and contains crushed moldavite / azeztulite as well as a few high vibrational plants and flowers. My Holy Grail oil is perfect for meditation.  I will offer this oil once more in the coming weeks as it needs to "sit" for a while.

Necklace is approximately 24" long.

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