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Oracle Card Reading Private Lessons

Oracle Card Reading Private Lessons

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Explore your innermost self through oracle cards – a tool of self-reflection, perfect for adding depth to your magical and spiritual practice or simply using as a fun pastime. Oracle cards offer insight unlike anything else, providing you with unique perspectives that will enhance every aspect of your life.
🌟 A powerful tool of self-discovery
🌟 Perfect for those seeking spiritual guidance
🌟 Offers insights into important areas of your life

This course will provide an in-depth exploration into oracle card reading. You will learn how to interpret the meanings of each card and how to use the cards for inquiries into different aspects of life, such as health, relationships, career, spirituality, finances, and timing. Through this course, you will gain an understanding of the symbolism of each card and be able to interpret the messages the cards are trying to convey. You will also gain the confidence to trust your intuition when making interpretations and reading the cards for yourself or for others.

Cards to be used are Lenormand, Maybe Lenormand, Madame Endora's Fortune Cards, Real Life Oracle by Magical Empress Inc. (Me!), and the Energy deck.

You can purchase the Real Life Oracle deck as well as a pre-order of the Afro-Caribbean Crystal Goddess deck on this site! 

Please note: this is a 4 course workshop.  


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