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Our Lady of Loreto oil for a new home

Our Lady of Loreto oil for a new home

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The Our Lady of Loreto Novena is a traditional nine-day Catholic prayer dedicated to asking Our Lady of Loreto for a new home. This novena has existed since the 13th century, and its continued relevance today is a testament to its effectiveness. Through prayer and faith, we can honor Our Lady of Loreto and ask for her help in obtaining a new home. Not only can this novena be used for seeking a new home, but also to ask for assistance in any area of our lives that may require extra guidance. With the right devotion and effort, Our Lady of Loreto can bring you the blessings you need for a new home.

Our Lady of Loreto,
I implore your Holy Name,
in union with your Holy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ
and your Holy husband St. Joseph,
To help me find a home.
May I enjoy the peace and happiness
that was found in your Holy House of Loreto,
where you lived happily,
by the grace and blessing that the Holy Father granted you.
Our Lady of Loreto, I implore you, to help me.
I promise to consecrate my future home to you.
Holy Mother of Loreto grant us health,
peace and happiness
and help us in our lives.
Just like your house was Holy and blessed by God,
I ask that my future house be blessed
and protected by you and by God.
If you help me Holy Virgin
and grant me my request

(State your specific request or intention here!)

I promise to make you known to all my friends.

Recite Our Father

Recite Hail Mary

Recite Glory Be

Purchase a small craft home from Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Purchase a new key. Place the key inside the craft home. "Dress" the craft house and key with the oil. Add a picture of the home, or apartment you want to move into. Have a candle lit for the duration of the 9 days and recite the novena.

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