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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation

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Every new mom's needs are different after birth and placenta encapsulation provides nutrients and benefits which are based on the needs of the body.

My encapsulation method is based on the Traditional Chinese Method which involves steaming the placenta and gently dehydrating at a low temperature.  This method is based on the yin/yang theory of yin being cold and yang being warm - with yang having overall benefits for the emotional, mental and physical health of the new mother.  The Traditional Chinese Method is highly recommended for mom's who have a prior history of depression, anxiety and panic disorder.  

With TCM, you will take more pills per day (around 3-4) and for a shorter period (6 weeks).  The overall benefits of placenta encapsulation are: 

hormonal balance

increase of energy

may decrease the incidence of postpartum depression

promotes healthy milk production (for mom's who want to breastfeed)

The capsules are made from all natural, vegan, non GMO, preservative free and Halal & Kosher products.

There are no additives, etc. 

If your placenta has been exposed to chemicals, is dehydrated, shows signs of infection or contamination - encapsulation will not take place.

Before purchasing this service, please check with your hospital or birthing center on their rules and regulations regarding the placenta.  Your placenta is an internal organ and will be treated as such.  

Price includes travel, storage and encapsulation. 

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