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Real Life Oracle Anniversary Deck with 4 additional cards!

Real Life Oracle Anniversary Deck with 4 additional cards!

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Real Life Oracle is a deck I created in 2018.  This divination system uses real life imagery and messages that convey circumstances occurring in everyday life.  The deck contains people from all walks of life including, same sex and mixed race couples. It also captures real emotions within the story and triggers true emotional responses from the querents.

Seeing real life circumstances and scenes depicted in images during a reading opens opportunities for people to discuss difficult and taboo topics.  Until now, many of the topics I selected for the deck were left up to the reader to discover and interpret.

When intuition and spirit guides detect complex issues such as discrimination and addictions, but these matters aren't easily identifiable in a deck during a reading, how do we bring up the subject?  How do we, as intuitive readers, comfortably tell a weeping mom that her son/daughter may have an addiction? How do you address racial, or any type of discrimination that may have been the reason for job loss or denial of housing?  How do we discuss gender-related topics or open gateways to talk about more pressing issues during a reading when a client's main concerns are romance or finances?

Ultimately, the goal of the Real Life Oracle deck is for the reader and querent to see a realistic reflection of real life issues during a reading.

This is a 72-card deck with a separate E-Book for purchase. 

The next batch of decks will be available in February 2024.  You can pre-order here

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