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14 Chakra Cleansing & Alignment

14 Chakra Cleansing & Alignment

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The Chakras are like a road map of our body, mind and spirit. We can cleanse them when they are not functioning optimally or we can strengthen them so they can support us more.  Chakra cleansing is a deeply relaxing experience, releasing old fears and negative emotions.

  • Cleansing is important to maintain balance
  • Releases deep seated tension from your body
  • Clear bad energy
  • Balance moods

You are asked to refrain from liquids an hour before your session.  Please be in a quiet setting where you will not be disturbed (for distant sessions) and Relax!!!

This form of reiki can be performed distantly or in-person.  I use a specific method with the assistance of crystals that are divined on as well as a purple plate to enhance the energy

The session is 1 hour - 1/2 hour of non-stop reiki energy and 1/2 hour of messages from spirit and/or questions.


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