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A+++++ Museum Grade Natural Moldavite (Czech Republic)

A+++++ Museum Grade Natural Moldavite (Czech Republic)

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**Due to the overmining of this stone - the price has unfortunately skyrocketed.**

Moldavite is a member of the Tektite group, a glassy mixture of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, and other metal oxides with a hardness of 5-6.  It's crystal system is amorphous.  The color of most specimens is a deep green, though some pieces are pale and in some cases, brown if they are mined from Monrovia.  

There are many scientific theories on the origins of Moldavite.  Some say Moldavite is formed from earthly rock that melted from the meteor crash, while others say Moldavite is not of this world.  Regardless of whichever theory is correct, what can be stated as fact is Moldavite is a powerful stone with very high vibrational energy.  The energy is so strong that it has been known to cause arrythmia's in people who hold it.  It is recommended by most crystal therapist, myself included, that Moldavite not be used in crystal therapy or reiki for people who have heart issues and/or suffer from extreme anxiety.

Throughout history, Moldavite has been viewed as a spiritual talisman.  The Neolithic peoples of Eastern Europe wore Moldavite as protective talismans over 25,000.  It is said the Venus of Willendorf - the earliest known goddess statue - was found in a digging site with multiple Moldavite amulets.  More recently, Moldavite is said to have been a relic of the Holy Grail.  

Moldavite is also one of the 12 Synergy Stones of Higher Consciousness along with Danburite, Tanzanite, Azeztulite, Phenacite, Herderite, Tibetan Tektite, Satyaloka Quartz, Petalite, Brookite, Natrolite and Scolecite.  This combination is the most powerful etheric pattern of the perfected self.  

Moldavite is known for its rapid transformation of spiritual evolution, chakra activation, cleansing, and protection.  It is best to carry Moldavite if you are a spiritualist and medium.  It provides the best protection and blocks the auric field from negative vibrations and entities.  Moldavite is a powerful aid for meditation and dream-work allowing you to receive messages from the Higher Realms.

The element associated with Moldavite is storm and the related chakras are all especially the 3rd eye.

Crystal is appox. 33mm x 14mm and weights 5.1 grams

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