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Tugtupite A+++++ Raw Natural Stone (Super Rare)

Tugtupite A+++++ Raw Natural Stone (Super Rare)

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Tugtupite is closely related to Sodalite differing only slightly in chemical structure.  Tugtupite is found mostly in Greenland. The Inuit of Greenland have a legend about Tugtupite, claiming that lovers can cause the stone to glow fiery red from the heat of their passion.  This stone is highly expansive encouraging the opening of the upper chakras and connecting with the higher realms.  Some stone collectors call Tugtupite the "Mineral Ayuhuasca" as it produces visionary states of consciousness combined with an intense heart opening and healing.  It is advised not to "trip" on its energy, however, it should be used to promote a higher sense of heart centered consciousness - raising vibrations.

The element associated with Tugtupite is storm and the related chakras are heart, throat, 3rd Eye and Crown.

Crystal is approx. 4-6 carats/14mm

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