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Azeztulite (Black Tourmaline) Raw Stones

Azeztulite (Black Tourmaline) Raw Stones

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Azeztulite Black Tourmaline is a protective stone absorbing negative energies and shielding the auric field.  It is best to pair any black stone with a quartz, white or clear azeztulite since black stones are receptive and known to crack when there is an overabundance of energy.  The combination of Black Tourmaline and White Azeztulite is a perfect synergy of protection and purification.

White Azeztulite is said to link with the Great Central Sun, reattunement of the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, healing and full body regeneration.  The element associated with White Azeztulite is storm and all chakras including the Etheric.

Crystal is approx. 17-20 grams/40mm

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