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Nebular Stone (8mm) 16 inch beaded necklace

Nebular Stone (8mm) 16 inch beaded necklace

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Nebula Stone is an unusual alkalis volcanic rock composed almost of the four minerals Quartz, Anothorclase, Riebecktite, and Aegirine. Nebula Stone has a  unique and powerful energy. The four minerals work together harmoniously to facilitate a stone that is easily programmable due to the Quartz, while Riebectktite activates the psychic senses.  Aegirine clears negativity from the auric field and Anothorclase provides a strong energy to help you see future patterns of possibility.  Nebula Stone is highly vibrational and a powerful talisman of transformation.  The element associated with this stone is storm and the related chakras are the root and crown.

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