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Moldau Quartz (White) (8mm) 16in strand beaded necklace

Moldau Quartz (White) (8mm) 16in strand beaded necklace

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Moldau Quartz has spent millions of years in the same soil as Moldavite.  It is a rare stone found in the mountains of the Czech Republic.  These stones in a sense have been "taught" by the presence of Moldavite.  They are stones of the earth that have been attuned to the higher frequencies.  Moldau Quartz is said to aid in grounding spiritual light in the body, awakening heart awareness, grounding the vibrations of Moldavite (which is beneficial to clients of reiki practitioners, as Moldavite has a very strong frequency causing heart arrythmias in some people).  The element associated with this powerful stone is storm and the related chakras are the heart and 3rd Eye.

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