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San Lazaro Oil

San Lazaro Oil

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St. Lazarus of Bethany is the patron saint of sickness and health, known for his miraculous resurrection from the dead. He is traditionally represented as a man wrapped in grave cloths, sometimes accompanied by two dogs, representing his resurrection and the miraculous healing of a man from his affliction. The feast day of St. Lazarus is celebrated annually on December 17th, commemorating his rise from death and subsequent miracles. It is believed that by praying to St. Lazarus, his intercession will bring health and healing to the sick and the infirm.

The recipe for this oil was gifted to me. It sits next to a lit lamp dedicated to San Lazaro for 30 days before bottling.

Saint Lazarus Prayer: “Saint Lazarus I ask in your most sacred and sweet name that you help me on the path of spiritual peace and material success. May your healing hands rest upon me, flowing into every cell in my body and into the depths of my soul—cleansing, purifying and restoring to me wellness and strength. Please keep away all the wicked, miserable people who lurk in the shadows seeking to harm me. I look to you, Saint Lazarus to confuse them and remove them from my life. You, the sublime and generous protector, who opens your heart to all good people. Intercede with all your hearts blood, to liberate me from those who would interrupt my path. Give me strength to resist temptation and live in wellness. Protect me and save me from all harm. I open my mind and heart believing in your infinite power. AMEN.” 



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